Frank Donnoli


Low back pain (LBP) disability is the most expensive benign condition in industrialized countries and is the leading cause of disability in persons under the age of 45. The great cost and the poor outcomes among chronic LBP patients has led to treatment providers attempting to find a solution to the problem. Chiropractors, psychologists and medical practitioners are part of that group. This study examined the relationship between these groups as to their beliefs, and perceptions of the current literature as to the causes for the transition from acute to chronic LBP. Practitioners were chosen at random from either lists of registered members or the yellow pages. Results indicate that there was general agreement amongst the three groups however the significant differences between the groups; job and medical factors, and within the groups, diagnostic, psychosocial and health behaviour factors proved to be counter-intuitive. (Chiropr J Australia 2016;44:188-202)