Harold Olson Michael Tunning Spencer Lindholm


Objective: The purpose of this case series is to describe chiropractic management and return-to-play of 3 student football players who had experienced concussion.

Clinical Features: Three young football players (ages 16, 15, and 11) sought care within 3 days after sustaining a concussion.  Each athlete had neck pain accompanied by a headache.

Intervention and Outcome: Manual therapies and therapeutic exercises were provided by a chiropractor to help treat cervical spine symptoms and dysfunction. Each patient was also taken through computerized neurocognitive testing during the evaluation of the return-to-play process. At the conclusion of the treatments, all symptoms had resolved including neck pain and headaches. Additionally, cervical spine dysfunction had resolved, the neurocognitive testing scores had improved and each person was returned to play.

Conclusion Three football players with cervical spine symptoms, all having sustained a concussion, were managed and treated by a doctor of chiropractic. Manual therapies and therapeutic exercises were directed toward reducing cervical spine dysfunction, which appeared to have a beneficial effect on resolution of symptoms and return-to-play.