Published Sep 12, 2017
Tara Cheuvront Adam Sergent


Objective: To describe the management of a patient with unresolving anterior thigh pain who was later diagnosed with stage IV small-cell lung cancer.Clinical Features: A 60-year-old female with anterior thigh pain had no relief following 4 weeks of conservative care. Radiographs of the affected area were taken and were unremarkable. Following another 4 weeks of care without improvement she was referred for a MRI of the right hip and leg that later revealed a lesionIntervention and Outcome: After a referral and subsequent imaging it was confirmed that this lesion had metastasized from her previously undiagnosed lung cancer.Conclusion: Following standard of care with imaging can lead the chiropractic physician to play a vital role in the healthcare field as a primary care provider. (Chiropr J Australia 2017;45:196-202)
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Leg Pain, Small-Cell Lung Cancer

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