Olivia Borlase Dave Russell Marina Fox Joel Alcantara


Objective: To describe the concomitant chiropractic care of an infant with hydrocephaly.

Clinical Features: The parents of a 14-week-old infant presented their child for chiropractic care with a history of hydrocephalus.

Intervention and Outcome: The infant was cared for with cranial release work and Modified Diversified Technique involving a sustained light touch and hold technique at the C1 vertebral body on the right and left sacrum. Improvements we noted in all of the patients presenting complaints from the initial examination in the first visit The patient received 10 weeks of care and is continuing their care further.

Conclusion: This case report documents the benefits that concomitant chiropractic care in a child with hydrocephaly. We support further research in the care of similar patients. (Chiropr J Australia 2017;45:131-137)