In Search of Illi's Ligament: Possible Evidence Found in Mammalian Sacroiliac Joints. The Enigma Continues



Published Jan 30, 2016
Peter Rome


Objective: A pilot anatomical study of quadruped sacroiliac joints was designed to examine the possibility of the existence of Illi's ligament in ovine and bovine specimens.  It was aimed at investigating this enigmatic anatomical structure which is also called the superior intracapsular ligament of the sacroiliac joint.Method:  Ten ovine and 4 bovine sacroiliac joints underwent gross dissection and inspection.  One ovine specimen was selected and sent to a veterinary laboratory for independent histologic examination.  Photographic evidence was also obtained during the dissection.Results:  All but 1 ovine specimen revealed a rather prominent ligamentous structure at a predictable site within the sacroiliac joint.  This structure was considered to be the sought-after superior intracapsular ligament of this articulation.Conclusion:  Independent analysis of the submitted specimen confirmed it as a ligamentous structure.  This finding would tend to confirm Illi's original finding of a previously unheralded anatomical structure of the sacroiliac articulation.  As a comparative measure, a cursory dissection of a kangaroo pelvis was also conducted.Further sacroiliac articulations studies from other specimens, particularly primates and ratites, could be justified to clarify the perceived role of Illi's Ligament in this articulation's physiology.
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Anatomy, Ligament, Sacroiliac Joint.

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