Mary Ann Chance Memorial Paper: Aging Well; Inspiration from Mary Ann Chance



Published Jan 30, 2016
Lisa Killinger


Objective: The life of Dr. Mary Ann Chance will be examined in the context of healthy aging, drawing upon her examples of healthy behaviors and comparing them with the scientific literature on health promotion related to aging. Methods: Literature on health promotion and disease prevention in the aging population was reviewed to lay a foundation for this paper. Secondly, a structured interview with Mary Ann Chance’s spouse was completed in 2014, to ascertain how closely Dr. Chance’s lifestyle followed the published evidence-based health promotion strategies for healthy aging.  Results: Mary Ann Chance’s lifestyle was an excellent reflection of a number of behaviors and habits that are consistent with the science on aging well. Her example is chronicled here for her fellow chiropractors and other health professionals.  Conclusion: Dr. Chance aged with grace and her example can serve as a model for other who wish to age well.
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History of Medicine, Chiropractic, Health Promotion

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