Published Jun 15, 2018
Phillip Ebrall


The concept of a Hackathon is presented with reference to chiropractic education. A number of critical observations are given of the stasis evident in global chiropractic education. Issues related to this are presented and briefly discussed. These will form tracks around which brainstorming will be undertaken at the first Chiropractic Education Hackathon to be held late 2018. The participants will be ⅓ leaders in chiropractic education and ⅔ experts from diverse non-chiropractic fields such as virtual reality, engineering, social science, software development, designers, entrepreneurs and the like. The challenges will be accreditation, program models, academic productivity, knowledge explosion, learning styles, learner assessment, and ‘anywhere, anytime’ flexible learning.
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hackathon, learning, methods, students, chiropractic, education.

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