Published Sep 15, 2016
Je'Ne Jordahl


Objectives: To discuss a case of a male firefighter with meralgia paresthetica who improved following chiropractic manipulation, electrical stimulation, and myofascial therapyClinical Features: a 58-year-old white male complained of low back pain with associated pain and numbness along his left anterolateral thigh region for the past week. Neurological examination revealed a diminution of sensation and point discrimination on the left lateral femoral cutaneous nerve territory. There were no motor deficits in either lower extremity and all reflexes were intact. As a standard clinic procedure, a battery of orthopedic exams were performed including; Lasegue Seated test, Valsalva’s, Patrick Fabre, Yeoman’s Test, as well as Nachlas and Ely’s. Based on his clinical history and physical responses to the above-mentioned tests, a diagnosis of meralgia paresthetica was made.Intervention and Outcomes:  Chiropractic management consisted of chiropractic manipulation of the left sacroiliac joint and L3, along with myofascial therapy to the psoas muscle, and interferential therapy to the anterolateral aspect of the left thigh.  After 5 visits over a 5-week period resolution of symptoms of Meralgia Paresthetica were achieved.Conclusion:  Chiropractic adjustment along with manual therapy and interferential therapy resulted in improvement of meralgia paresthetica symptoms for this patient. (Chiropr J Australia 2016;44:246-253
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Meralgia Paresthetica, Chiropractic, Spinal Manipulation, Manual Therapy

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